This is how we roll


Aleksander, Amira, Hannah, Isabella, Marianne and Michael all have experienced being mocked, bullied and glanced at on the bus, because they stand out. They are proud of who they are, but experiences like this still hurts. They encourage you to think and prevent others from being harassed on the bus. Hear their stories.

«I stand up for people experiencing racism and bullying.»
Amira, student
«I often get stared at, nasty comments and indelicate sexual invitations.»
–Aleksander, drag artist
«I have often been called fat and thick.»
Hannah, student
«I get bullied because I wear a hearing aid. That´s why I got new ones. Bright red.»
Marianne, dog trainer
«People look at me like I´m a criminal, but I try to understand why they think the way they do.»
Michael, hip hop dancer
«We are all diverse, but in different ways.»
Isabella, Eiker Vekst
«The bus can seem like a trivial and inessential place in the fight against racism, but it is often here, in a place where people don´t know each other, they let preconceptions flow. Racism must be fought everywhere!»
– Tonje Brenna, former Mayoress for Viken
«We want people to let us know if they see or experience any kind of racism, discrimination or harassment on our buses.»
– Terje Sundfjord, CEO Brakar