Terms of sale and use, Brakar Billett

Product information
The products sold via Brakar Billett are electronic travel documents. Travel documents must be presented to the driver on boarding the bus. The products sold are single tickets, night bus tickets, 24-hour tickets, youth tickets and travel passes for Brakar routes. Single tickets are valid for 60 minutes after activation.

Passengers are responsible for ensuring that sufficient funds are available during the purchase process to ensure the process can be completed. Passengers are also responsible for ensuring their smartphones function normally and are fully legible in the event of a ticket inspection. They must also make sure there is sufficient battery life to cover the full journey. Passengers who cannot produce a valid ticket in the event of an inspection will be considered to be travelling without a ticket. For details, see the Brakar Transport regulations.

All prices are in Norwegian kroner (NOK) and are displayed including VAT.
The prices are in accordance with Brakar’s price regulations.

The purchase is considered to have been completed once the product is activated. The ticket is valid for boarding when the countdown starts.

Please note that delivery may be delayed on account of poor coverage. Therefore make sure to purchase the ticket before departure.

Payments for purchases are processed by Nets, which provides a secure electronic payment solution for Visa and MasterCard/Eurocard. All card details will be stored in accordance with the card issuer’s regulations.

No information about the payment card will be stored in the Brakar Billett system.

Right to cancel
Once the ticket has been downloaded and activated (with boarding permitted), it is considered to have been used. Tickets that have not been initiated can be cancelled in the app.

If you subsequently wish to exercise your right to cancel, you need to inform Brakar AS within 14 days. To have your purchase reimbursed, you need to contact the Brakar Customer Service centre in Drammen.

Reimbursed sums are transferred to the account for the payment card used to make the original purchase.

If you purchase the wrong number of zones for a travel pass, you can seek reimbursement for the travel pass by contacting our Customer Service centre within 24 hours of the purchase. You can call us on 177 (extra charge from some networks) or on +47 32 20 30 90.

If the product purchased is faulty or defective, you must contact us in writing (i.e. by email or letter) within a reasonable period of time, stating that you wish to exercise your right to complain. We will then send you information about what you need to do next. The regulations concerning complaints procedures are laid down in the Norwegian Consumer Purchases Act.

We accept no liability for spelling mistakes/printing errors, which may mean that we cannot complete delivery in accordance with the information presented in the app, in our marketing material, or in any other way.
Conditions beyond the control of Brakar AS, such as third-party errors in transferring data or transactions, may also affect delivery of the order. If we are aware of error situations, we will communicate the information via brakar.no/Facebook/Twitter and customers will be allowed to travel free of charge until the problem has been solved.

Contact information
Email: kundesenter@brakar.no
Postal address: Brakar AS, Strømsø torg 4, 3044 Drammen, Norway
Brakar Customer Service Centre: Drammen bus station
Tel. 177 (extra charge on some networks) or +47 32 20 30 90