Brakar travel guarantee

Under the terms of our travel guarantee, we undertake to do our utmost to ensure that you arrive at your destination on time. Should you nevertheless experience delays or other shortfalls in our public transport service, we will refund your expenses for alternative transport if you are delayed by more than

  • 20 minutes on journeys of less than one hour, up to NOK 550
  • 40 minutes on journeys of between one and three hours, up to NOK 825
  • 60 minutes on journeys of more than three hours: up to NOK 1,100.

We only refund expenses on presentation of receipts.

For journeys of three hours or more where delays result in you having to stay overnight, we will cover the cost of your overnight accommodation. However, this must be agreed with the bus company or Brakar in advance.

Route information
Make sure to consult the applicable route timetable and the information published online at Don’t forget that we operate different schedules over Easter, Christmas and the summer holidays. We recommend that you use our travel planner smartphone app. Simply download “Brakar Reise” from Google Play or the App Store.

How can I make a claim under the travel guarantee?
You can submit the form and the relevant receipt(s) up to one month after the incident took place. You can also fill in the form electronically and then send us the scanned receipt(s) via Make sure you have entered the correct account number. We will process your request as quickly as possible, and payment is normally made 14 days after you have received our answer.

 When does the travel guarantee apply?
Generally speaking, the travel guarantee always applies.

We reimburse expenses for alternative means of transport, such as taxi, train or own vehicle. If you can take the train for (parts of) your journey, we recommend that you do so – in combination with taxi transport, if appropriate.

The travel guarantee applies to single journeys and for journeys involving transfers. You should always allow sufficient time to make the transfer, as well as extra time for walking if there is no regular link.

When does the travel guarantee not apply?
The guarantee does not apply in cases where we have provided information about the delay in advance, of which you are – or should be – aware. Nor does it cover “consequential losses” such as expenses related to you missing medical appointments, business meetings or flights.

The guarantee does not apply in the event of incidents such as strikes, natural disasters, extraordinary weather conditions (heavy snow, flood, landslide, etc.), road work and unforeseen traffic conditions, and major events that have a significant effect on public transport.

Use of own vehicle
For reimbursements of mileage, the driver may only submit claims if several people travelled together. The guarantee does not cover expenses for toll roads, parking and the like.

As from 1 February 2016, this travel guarantee applies to all Brakar routes. The guarantee is in accordance with the Norwegian national travel guarantee.